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Key information

In Denmark over 90% of office workers have a sit-stand desk. If a job requires someone to sit 2 or more hours each day at a desk, it must (in Denmark) be a sit-stand desk.

Get Britain Standing believes one day it will be seen as irresponsible for Employers not to offer staff a Sit-Stand work-station. For the following reasons:

  • Health insurance premiums will be higher if workers are kept sedentary
  • Wellbeing, health and safety implications to office workers of prolonged sitting are getting growing attention
  • Productivity improvements and office collaboration and cultural benefits or a more active working environment has a very fast payback
In Silicon Valley technology companies ranging from multinationals (e.g. Google, Facebook, Microsoft and Amazon) to new start-ups are increasingly embracing height adjustable desks as mainstream to their working environments.

If you need help preparing the business case for Sit-Stand within your company, Contact Us and we will do our best to help.

In January 2015 Public Health England and Active Working C.I.C (owners of the Get Britain Standing campaign) jointly commissioned an Expert Statement on the status and impact of prolonged sitting in the office (Download).