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New To Sit-Stand?

  • If you have never done it - then try it with one workstation. You will be amazed how positive people will be about it. Apply for a FREE TRIAL offer.
  • Start off with a single standing desk workstation. To extend the trial with education and support - we can help.
  • Environments that support wellbeing can be highly desirable places where people are less stressed, more productive, more creative, and healthier. Encourage all elements of Active Working.
  • Awareness of the benefits of Active Working is growing rapidly as is media attention. Take a stand and be pioneering.

Other Active Working activities include:
  1. Stand and take a break from your computer every 30 minutes
  2. Stand during phone calls
  3. Use the stairs
  4. Have standing or walking meetings
  5. Eat your lunch away from your desk
  6. Walk to your colleague's desk instead of phoning or emailing them
  7. Stand at the back of the room during presentations

Company Trials
In co-operation with a number of product suppliers we can assist your start with FREE TRIAL offer.

If your company is interested in discussing a broader trial and requires assistance or support please Contact Us.